Dermacos Dermapure Polishing Oxygen Skin Gloss

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 Manufactured by Dermacos Laboratories International, Dermacos is a  UK manufacturer and distributor of high quality  professional skincare products. Specializing in quality skin care products and all sorts of cosmetics to make you more beautiful..

Dermacos skincare products are free of synthetic solvents, thickeners and emulsifiers, contain no petroleum-based ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances, and are fortified with premium botanical ingredients from as whereas basis from all over the world. The purity of these preparations makes them ideally suited for sensitive skin.



    100% botanicals - 100% tested and certified - 100% no side effects.
   For professional use only or advised by beautician / cosmetologist
   Wash your hands before use, apply only on cleansed skin.
   If skin irritation occurs discontinue use and wash with clean water.

Manufactured :  Dermacos 

Country  n:   UK


   6.7 FL OZ (200 ML)



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