Cute Plus White Series Intensive Lightening Scrub With Vitamin & Fruit Acid (150ml)

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Cute Pluse White Series Intensive Lightening Scrub With Vitamin & Fruit Acid:

Intensive Lightening scrub with vitamin E and frulty acid 5 minutes a daqy you will look great use cute plus lightening Scrub daily your skin will be brightened and whitened the essential scrub with fruity acid formula helps sitmulate natural balance of skin cells without causing irritation It scrubs away the appearance of unpleasant or dull surface cells and moisturizes for sheer lively and youthful skin Sutiable for all skin types.


1. Cute Plus lightening scrub innovative natural scrub beads help remove expired skin cells and clean face and body pores deeply without causing irriation. 

2. Contains a great active irgedient, Fruity acid that regulates the skin metabolism and regeneration dkin processes thus lightening the skin gradually and naturally, it also encourages replacement of damaged cells by new and healthy ones.

3. Cute Plus specially added Vitamin E helps moisturizing skin for sheer & lively face and body.  It also contains rejuvenating action actively stimulates proper cellular resperation and generally leavbing the skin firmer and more elastic thus maintains skin younger and More beautiful.


Dab a small amount of scrub onto wet face, massage gently with circular motions Rinse off with warm water. if use daily, you immediately feel a difference in softer and lighter skin.

Our Beauty Philosophy:

Cute Plus, skin care natural products are dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the sense as they work, using where ever possible, naturally derived active ingredients which have been carefully extracted to preserve quality and purity.  We understand that little every day choices we make, can impact the overall quality of life. Cute Plus is a conscientious formulator of quality products.


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